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Sherry Roberson

Sherry Roberson... silky and smooth. If you can imagine silk nestled amidst the desert cacti of Arizona, you will visualize Sherry. This sensational Jazz/Blues vocalist enriches the stark landscape of Arizona with the palette of musical, emotional, and tonal colors, creating a truly painted desert. When Sherry begins to sing, she takes control of the song and of your feelings, pouring her soul into the music.

Sherry's music career has spanned over three decades. She entered our homes at the age of 13, with her first television appearance when she became the featured vocalist on a weekly television program. Since those early years, Ms. Roberson has entertained in a variety of venues. Sherry has expressed as one of her greatest moments her performance on the S.S. Norway, one of the largest cruise ships in the world.

She is just returning from Bangkok, Thailand in hand with a dynamite, long-awaited CD. This CD, entitled My Shining Hour, delivers to her fans a smooth, sassy, and innovative styling to her new tunes.


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